Our Vision – The Great Commission

Lost people Saved
Saved people Pastored
Pastored people Trained
Trained people Mobilised

Our mission is imprinted in everything we are and all that we do, from our Sunday services to our connect groups, our media outlets; like TV, Radio and Internet streams, to our Bible College courses. We live all that we are and give all that we have for the cause of this great commission, given us by the Saviour King, Christ Jesus.

Our vision is to see a church that lives in the light of all Jesus has called it to be. A Church built on the unshakeable cornerstone of life, Christ Jesus. A Church with life, purpose, focus and reality so evident it can not be ignored. A Church that rises up to take its place in a dying world, and a Church whose action creates a stirring in the world around it.

Our vision is to see a church whose growth and reach of influence will not be limited by country borders or culture, but instead grow the church and shake the world around it so much that the world can simply not ignore it. A church planting and expanding with services available all around the world.

Our vision is to see a church where sinners find a true and loving God, and where the life of Christ Jesus transforms lives each day, as the chairs are filled with awestruck, repentant and changed hearts. A church whose vision is not to acquire numbers but to preach the glorious gospel and see an outpouring of the spirit and an ever expanding church with salvations occurring each and every day.

Our vision is to see a church unified and strong. A church empowered by the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ Jesus, to the extent that nothing could come against its force.

Our vision is to see a church so in tune with the vision of God, a people so Kingdom minded that they would give everything they are and all that they have to see this vision come to fruition.

Our vision is to see a church whose sole purpose is the carry out the divine mandate handed down to us from Christ himself, to “…go out and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything…”

Our vision is to be the church Christ Jesus sees and has called us to be, GGC Life.

The Pastoral Team

Leo and Christine Nicotra are the founders and Senior Pastors of GGC Life Church. Their passion for Christ is evident in all that they do. Loved by everyone in the GGC Life family, they truly are remarkable leaders in the church. Father & mother to 5 beautiful, godly children.
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Leon is a phenomenal youth and worship pastor with a heart on fire for God. Find Leon leading GGC Life’s youth and worship ministry day in – day out and passionately connecting with the GGC family every Sunday.
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Sal and Loretta truly embody the words passion and love. They’re the most fun, yet powerful members of the team and are always happy to connect with others and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
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Coming from an incredibly powerful testimony and journey, the Tilletts are a profound couple and an integral part of the GGC Life church. They exude their passion for God and in everything they do.
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A remarkably Godly couple with an anointing on them so powerful it’s encouraging to be around them. They’ve been a part of GGC Life since it’s early days and continue to positively impact it’s growth and development.
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ROBBY & VESNA PETROVLead Pastors, School of Supernatural Ministry Directors
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GGC strives “To touch, reach and impact all people of all nations. To ignite a fire of change in the world we live, as ambassadors of faith, hope and love. To build a large unshakeable bible based church. To empower, equip and release believers to live lives that would see the face of the planet changed, to be the light in a dark world.”

I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me